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Jonas Ryberg, Marketing Manager, Zodiac Group Australia Pty Ltd

“From the outset, Design Momentum have challenged our assumptions and constructively innovated our products and core technology. As a result, the launch of our new product range has had resounding success,both in Australia and internationally”.

Emmanuel Mastio, Zodiac Group Australia Pty Ltd

"I have been working with Craig and his team since February 2011 and it has been an absolute pleasure since day one. The team’s resilient pursuit of the perfect customer experience has challenged our thought processes on many occasions and Craig’s wealth of knowledge from various industries and rare creativity makes him a design freak. In turn, it has helped us deliver superior products to the market place"

Gianni Lavermicocca
 Managing Director SLIDA Pty Ltd

“Meeting Design Momentum turned out to be the turning point of my project. With their smart approach to design, engineering and understanding of diverse manufacturing opportunities, we worked to not only complete Slida, but identify a list of new product opportunities and puzzle challenges.”

Mark Unger
Managing Director, Seagull Technology Pty Ltd

“Seagull Technologies has been working with Design Momentum since 2005.  They have been invaluable in creating practical solutions for design challenges that Seagull has faced over the years.  Craig and his team have consistently delivered to us high quality designs and prototypes in a short time frame.”

Chauncey Hammond

"Design Momentum have gone above and beyond the brief in all aspects of the INDIK8 project.  Craig and his team combined aesthetic values, superior design knowledge, advanced engineering and a bunch of common sense to develop a great safety device.  
Their personal commitment to the project has propelled INDIK8 to market. The team's forward-thinking and innovations have also allowed one product to become a product line.  Top people and designers, always with the client's best interest in mind."

Phil Rodrigues
Director, KEYPA Pty Ltd

“Design Momentum have been instrumental in advancing the progress of our commercial project. Their committed team facilitated all mechanical and aesthetic design elements that led to new IP opportunity, as well as providing presentation images and animations to assist in generating external investment. We look forward to continuing our ongoing working relationship with an organisation we consider an extension of our own.” 

Scott Wood
Managing Director, SURFTONE

"Design Momentum constantly went above and beyond my expectations, searching for improved design initiatives and cost efficient ways to produce my product in small and large volumes. 
The team were always happy to work collaboratively, explore my many concepts whilst being able to explain the benefits or barriers of design options, manufacturing methods and/or considerations of going to market, in plain language."